Monday, September 24, 2012

Lamp Makeover

I had several crafty things I wanted to do this weekend, but the mountains of laundry, clutter, toys, and dust put all but one on the back burner. I have a floor lamp in the corner of the living room that I gave a makeover to about 9 or so years ago. After looking at it for the past couple of years, and wondering what the heck I was thinking, I FINALLY gave it a face lift. 

It started out as a plain metal (silver) lamp with a plain white shade. The first makeover consisted of a paint job that was supposed to make it look like leather (we had a western theme going on in our living room at the time...other than that, I really can't explain why leather) and some beaded trim hot-glued to the bottom of the shade. Now, I really thought I had done something when I completed this little project. I mean, the paint job required me to paint on one color, then using a second color and a paper towel, splotch (for lack of a better word) on the second color, giving the delusion illusion of leather. At the time, I thought it looked pretty great, and the Hubs liked it too. Here is a pic of that first makeover (don't laugh to hard):

(I forgot to take a pic before I carried it outside)

I couldn't get a good close up of the "leather" finish, but here is one of the shade.

I found a new shade at Lowe's that coordinates with my rug and I love it! I have been looking for a while and found this several months ago. I have looked at it several times, and finally just bought it. I hate spending money on things like lamp shades (or rugs, curtains, throw pillows, wall art. etc). It wasn't expensive, only $20. I also picked up this spray paint. I waffled back and forth for a while on the paint aisle between this, a satin brown, and another that I think was brushed nickel (it was too dark- almost black). I finally went with this hammered brown and I LOVE it! I was afraid it would be too light, but it turned out perfect!

And now for the finished product.....

Much better, right?! Here are close-ups of the shade and the paint:

Hopefully I will get more projects crossed off my list soon. The ones I have in mind are a little more "crafty" in nature that just a can of spray paint and new lamp shade! Gonna have to break out the Mod Podge! Happy crafting!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coming Attractions

 It has been crazy- busy around here lately with vacation, birthdays, and school starting, so other than my chevron bench and my striped bench, I haven't had much time for crafting. I have a couple of crafty projects waiting to be done, and also a few recipes I really want to try, including this one.....

Ultimate S'more Anniversary Cake

Doesn't that look sooooo amazing!?! I mean, it's got layers of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and cheesecake, not to mention the s'mores layer!!! It will probably take me all day to make it, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Now, who is willing to come clean the kitchen after I take this on? Anyone? I will share. No takers? Hunh....well fine. Be that way. I won't share if you don't help!

I did give The Sweet Daughter's light switch cover a little sass with some zebra-striped duck tape and a cute frame from Hobby Lobby. I didn't take any before or during pics, beacuse , frankly, it wasn't that interesting and it took about 2 minutes to do. It started out as one of those plain white, cheap-o switch covers. I covered it with duck tape, re-attached it to the wall, and hung the picture frame around it.

Cute, right?! I need to find a good way to secure it to the wall, because we keep knocking it off. 

I also have this going on:

Any guesses as to what this horrid nifty pile-o-yarn might be destined to be?? No? Ok, I will tell's  going to be an afghan for the Hubs. No, I am not knitting it in the round- I am just using my circular needles because I need them for the length. This bad boy is supposed to be done by October. Ummm...not gonna happen. BUT, I have to get 'er done by November, because that is when Janet Evanovich's newest 'Stephanie Plum' novel comes out and I made the Hubs a deal that I wouldn't read any books until I get it done. Eeek! I gotta get a move on! 

What craftiness do you have going on at your place?? Please share! And PLEASE don't forget to become a follower- I will be your BF for-ev-er!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

And Bench #2.....Finally

It was such a pain in the rear to paint the chevron pattern on bench #1, that I talked myself into the idea that I wanted one chevron bench and one striped bench. Yeah, that was the plan all along. Mismatched benches in the same color palette. Yep...unh huh....that was totally my plan. Yep. Sure was.

That little conversation with myself saved me a lot of time, and kept my back pain-free! Sometimes you just need to have a little board meeting with yourself for things to go smoothly.

Now, for bench #2. I made the executive decision to use stripes of varying widths for this bench. The stripes only took about 30 minutes for this bench from start to finish, including: gathering my supplies, taping and painting stripes, clean up, and necessary blog photography.

I used painters tape to tape off my stripes in different widths.

My poor photography skills make this bench look white, but it is actually tan.

Then I painted. I used two coats. I wiped the excess paint from the outside edges using a babe wipe. Those things are great for just about anything....kinda like duct tape! I peeled the tape before the paint dried to get nice, clean lines. And because that is what Pinterest told me to do. (Pinterest knows EVERYTHING!!)


Here are the finished benches together. I really kinda love them. What do you think?