Thursday, November 15, 2012

Personalized Cake Carrier

How did I ever live without my Silhouette Cameo?? I freakin' love it! Even more, now that I discovered transfer tape!!! My latest crafty project was a Personalized Cake Carrier. I saw these cuties on Pinterest, of course, and had to pin it to my craft hoard board for later. There are many blogs and websites showcasing these. I linked back to the one I originally pinned.

I started out with a plain cake carrier that I bought at the Walmarts. I decided to monogram it using a couple of different font sizes, and vinyl in contrasting colors. I also used polka dots of different sizes in the same colors I used for my monogram, and threw a third color in there just to mix it up a bit!
Please excuse my craptastic lighting...

I also added "Sweet Treats" to the top, and some coordinating ribbon to the handle.

I used my Silhouette software to design the monogram and polka dots and cut them. I used transfer tape to place all the letters (except the large F) on the carrier, and it was awesome! I didn't have to worry about spacing or anything! Just tried to get them relatively straight and, ta-da! I wish I would have known about this stuff when I put vinyl lettering on my stand mixer!! (Will have to do post on that later.)  I wish you could see all four different ribbons I used for the handle, but, I am not most awesome photographer.( I'm workin' on it.)
This project was quick and easy-peasy! You could also just use a stencil and craft paint to decorate your cake carrier. This way no one will "accidentally" mistake your carrier for theirs when you take goodies somewhere- you know how crime-filled the world of pot-luck is! Haha!

Up next.....some fall decorations and christmas ornaments. Yay!


  1. Hey Amanda! I've nominated you for a Liebster award. I found your blog on the list on MLFC on facebook. Your blog is way cute :)
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    Samantha Griffin

    1. Wow! Thanks! I will definitely participate! (11 things about me will be hard, eek!) I will get this up as soon as possible!