Saturday, June 9, 2012

First post EVER!

Well here goes nothing ...

I am new to blogging and am not sure what I want my first post to be about. So far, swirling around in my brain, are the following post possibilities:

  •  Our recently remodeled '68 Airstream trailer 
  • The basket of knitting projects that are in various stages of incomplete
  •  A new recipe
  •  Learning to use my camera better
  • What book(s) I am currently reading
  • Funny things my kids say
Did I mention how indecisive I can be? Or that I am a master procrastinator? And how much I like to make lists? Well, fair warning- I can be quite random. I am pretty sure I have some form of A.D.D.- perhaps only where my hobbies are concerned....and house cleaning....because I can sit and read for HOURS. Oh, well...

I am sure this is the most indecisive post ever blogged, but I think I just needed to get one in the books. I hope it wasn't too painful for you to read....IF anyone is actually reading. If so, I am very grateful!

A Beginner Blogger,

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