Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It wouldn't Be Called Skinny Dipping...More Like Chunky Dunking

So I haven't been able to do much crafting lately- thus the lack of crafty posts. So, I decided to talk about something else for a minute. Most of the blogs I read are written by some awesome women who have lost lots of weight. They are all super funny and very inspirational. If these chicks don't get you motivated about losing some weight, no one will! (Well, except for that biotch we all love to hate- Jillian Michaels!)
I weigh the most I have ever weighed right now. In fact, I hate to say this publicly, but I weigh more now than when I was pregnant with either of my kiddos. Ugh. I have hopped on the weight-loss band wagon many, many times. Usually it lasts a couple of weeks (or hours, ha!) and I fall right off. The most success I have ever had are the few times I have gone the Weight Watchers route. It really works and I like that I can eat anything- just less of it. Counting points isn't any harder that counting calories. The first few days to a week are the worst, but then it usually gets easier.
This time around however, I am going to try counting calories using MFP (it's free!) and exercise. I want to learn portion (and self) control. I may go back to Weight Watchers, but for now I am going this route. I really want to lose some weight before summer. I know I won't get where I want to be before then (weight-wise), but I want to wear shorts without being totally embarrassed. I have actually went entire summers without wearing shorts or a bathing suit. No fun! And in Oklahoma, freakin' hot! I like capris, but some days you need shorts!
I felt the need to share the fact that I need to lose weight here so that it might help hold me accountable. If you also need some motivation to get healthy (which is my goal- healthy, not super skinny), here are some awesome blogger chicks that motivate me (and who I wish were my friends IRL)!
  • Mama Laughlin- I found her through a friend (Hey Stormy!!) and she is so inspirational! She has lots lost lots of weight through healthy eating (not dieting) and good old fashioned exercise. She has two super cute little boys and amazing style! Plus she does some great make up and hair tutorials on her you tube channel. 
  • Next up is Holly. She also has lost weight through better eating habits and exercise. She is funny , OCD, and I love her. She also has cutie patootie kiddos (Her daughter has the best hair!) and a equally (almost!) funny husband (check him out here.)
  • Skinny Meg is just awesomesauce! I wish I lived next door to her so she could be my personal trainer and interior decorator! Check her out even if you don't need to lose weight- her house is adorable! And her daughter has the best fashion sense!
  • Nancy Clue. Now, fair warning- if you don't care for cursing or talk of adult extra-curricular activites, she is not the woman for you. But, she is hilarious, honest, and has hopped on the getting-healthy band wagon. Love her!
I hope that if you are having trouble getting motivated to get fit, that one of these lovlies can help inspire you! Another great place is MLFC (Mama Laughlin Fit Camp) on facebook. This is a great support group for getting to a healthier lifestyle and there are some amazing chicks on there and some great weight-loss challenges to join!
Wish me luck!


  1. I would totally come decorate your house I wish I could just travel around and bring fabulous things to everyone! Haha! I feel you I'm wearing shorts I used to wear capris and it was 110° outside no fun

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Mandy!! You know we have to meet in real life. :)

    And I want to help you lose weight! I promise you can do this. I feel that when you hit that lowest point of frustration with yourself, that is when you make big changes.

    I am pulling for you!!

    Love ya!!