Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finally, Something

Well, this isn't gonna knock your socks off, but at least it's something. I turned one of Punky Pie's t-shirts into a pillow. It was something I could do fast and get a post up in the unlikely event that anyone one of my few followers is actually still checking my blog. Not my most crafty project, but it'll do for now!

 Super easy and fairly quick (unless you are like me and get ahead of yourself and do things a bit backwards).

First, I pinned the sleeves and bottom seam, 

I sewed these seams following the original hems of the shirt.  I then sewed most of the neck seam leaving a couple of inches open for stuffing. I stuffed the shirt and then hand-stitched the rest of the neck seam shut.

Lumpy but cute, no? Now I am not a seamstress. I know how to use my sewing machine, but am not very good a it. I would say my sewing skills are passable  at best. I also tend to forget all I learned in home-ec until after I am halfway through a project and realize I have eff'd it up. Good thing I own a few seam rippers.

If I was doing this again, I would first sew the sleeves and neck seam, leaving the STRAIGHT, bottom seam to sew up last. Now I am sure that this project is somewhere on Pinterest and that is probably where I got the idea. I should have checked I probably would have found a tutorial with some much better instructions, but instead I decided to take the lazy way be spontaneous and just wing it.

I have several projects on my To-Craft list and hopefully after Easter (and in between soccer games/practices), the weather will cooperate and I can get to them. And hopefully they will be much more inspiring and a heckuva lot more 'crafty'!
Please be patient and check back from time to time and I promise to be more frequent in my posting!
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