Thursday, May 2, 2013

Card Table Makeover

Finally! I completed a project that I pinned to Pinterest forever ago (that's a long time, ya know)! It has been a while since anything crafty has gone on around these parts- too long, actually. I have had this card table that I bought at a junk store years ago (before kids! Wow!) and it was just ugly blue and had a few tears in the top. So I did what any good Okie gal would do-- I duct taped those suckers! Ha! That crap will fix anything! 

Along the way some many swipes of paint were added to that beautifully taped top. I really didn't care, seeing as how it stayed folded up and out of sight when not in use. Who cared if it was fugly?? It was just some old table I used for crafting and garage sales.

Well, of course Pinterest pointed out to me that I was being ridiculous, almost negligent, by just leaving it this way. It made me realize that I MUST fancy it up! So I went to the Hobby Lobby and bought a yard of this super cutsey oilcloth and a can of spray paint.

First up: The obligatory "Before" pic:
Janky Table
And one more with the "supplies needed" just for good measure!

Janky Table & Supplies
I bought the oilcloth and pain at Hobby Lobby. Side note: the oil cloth cost me more than the dang table, even at 30% off! I also used a hot glue gun, but it didn't make the photo op. You know what they look like.

How I did it: First, I wiped down the table to get all the nasty off of it. This is a necessary step if your table has been stored in the garage and rarely used, like mine. Next I removed all the screws that were holding the top to the frame.
What? You don't have a giant eye on your driveway? Huh.

Next, I painted the first coat onto the frame with Krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint in 'Island Splash' (satin finish). It took a few coats, but that was mainly because this gal was painting on a windy day. (And that is why I now need some new sunglasses-oops!)

Being the absent minded blogger that I am (um...hello! how long between posts around here??), I forgot to take pics of me burning myself hot gluing the oilcoth to the table top and the painting of the frame. I layed the cloth face down and the table top face down on that. Then began folding the edges of the cloth over the edge of the table top and gluing it in place. I initially attempted using a staple gun instead of a glue gun, but the staples went all the way through the table top. Luckily it didn't go through the cloth. So that just left the trusty glue gun.

Next: The Reveal! Ta Daaaa!

Craptastic full-length pic

The Close up a.k.a. "money shot"
Well, whatcha think? I love it! I wish I had somewhere to leave it up. This was super fun and easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! I have to give credit for this idea to this blog. I pinned it from Pinterest, but I never actually clicked over to the blog until just now to make the link. (They have a cute etsy shop too!) They used a vinyl table cloth, which would be much cheaper more cost effective! I really loved this oil cloth though and am so happy with the way it turned out!

So tell me....what have you been crafting???

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