Sunday, September 2, 2012

And Bench #2.....Finally

It was such a pain in the rear to paint the chevron pattern on bench #1, that I talked myself into the idea that I wanted one chevron bench and one striped bench. Yeah, that was the plan all along. Mismatched benches in the same color palette. Yep...unh huh....that was totally my plan. Yep. Sure was.

That little conversation with myself saved me a lot of time, and kept my back pain-free! Sometimes you just need to have a little board meeting with yourself for things to go smoothly.

Now, for bench #2. I made the executive decision to use stripes of varying widths for this bench. The stripes only took about 30 minutes for this bench from start to finish, including: gathering my supplies, taping and painting stripes, clean up, and necessary blog photography.

I used painters tape to tape off my stripes in different widths.

My poor photography skills make this bench look white, but it is actually tan.

Then I painted. I used two coats. I wiped the excess paint from the outside edges using a babe wipe. Those things are great for just about anything....kinda like duct tape! I peeled the tape before the paint dried to get nice, clean lines. And because that is what Pinterest told me to do. (Pinterest knows EVERYTHING!!)


Here are the finished benches together. I really kinda love them. What do you think?

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