Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coming Attractions

 It has been crazy- busy around here lately with vacation, birthdays, and school starting, so other than my chevron bench and my striped bench, I haven't had much time for crafting. I have a couple of crafty projects waiting to be done, and also a few recipes I really want to try, including this one.....

Ultimate S'more Anniversary Cake

Doesn't that look sooooo amazing!?! I mean, it's got layers of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and cheesecake, not to mention the s'mores layer!!! It will probably take me all day to make it, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Now, who is willing to come clean the kitchen after I take this on? Anyone? I will share. No takers? Hunh....well fine. Be that way. I won't share if you don't help!

I did give The Sweet Daughter's light switch cover a little sass with some zebra-striped duck tape and a cute frame from Hobby Lobby. I didn't take any before or during pics, beacuse , frankly, it wasn't that interesting and it took about 2 minutes to do. It started out as one of those plain white, cheap-o switch covers. I covered it with duck tape, re-attached it to the wall, and hung the picture frame around it.

Cute, right?! I need to find a good way to secure it to the wall, because we keep knocking it off. 

I also have this going on:

Any guesses as to what this horrid nifty pile-o-yarn might be destined to be?? No? Ok, I will tell's  going to be an afghan for the Hubs. No, I am not knitting it in the round- I am just using my circular needles because I need them for the length. This bad boy is supposed to be done by October. Ummm...not gonna happen. BUT, I have to get 'er done by November, because that is when Janet Evanovich's newest 'Stephanie Plum' novel comes out and I made the Hubs a deal that I wouldn't read any books until I get it done. Eeek! I gotta get a move on! 

What craftiness do you have going on at your place?? Please share! And PLEASE don't forget to become a follower- I will be your BF for-ev-er!!!

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