Saturday, July 14, 2012

Airstream Remodel

We have owned an Airstream trailer for several years, and up until this year it has been used by the hubs for his home-away-from-home while hunting. There has always been the intention of fixing it up to use for family fun camping, but we just hadn't got around to that. Until now!!

First thing- DEMO!!! The hubs ripped out the built-in "couch", the kitchen cabinet, sink, stove top, and oven. He also removed "command central"- this big control panel thing with all kinds of knobs and switches. For some unknown reason I did not manage to get a good picture of this. I wish I had- it was pretty neat.


This is the 'living room' where a couch used to be.

Twin beds

The sweet daughter helping out.

Kitchen area that had counter with sink and stovetop.

Kitchen area that had oven, fridge, and control panel.

After the demo, the hubs and the sweet daughter did a wipe-down of the walls to get them ready for primer a fresh coat of paint. 

Fresh paint! Looks better already!

As you can see, the cabinets were a light blue color. The original counter tops were the same blue, and we found traces of blue shag carpet! Nice!!

Next up- flooring! My awesome hubs bought some laminate wood flooring at a local bargain center and installed it. The curved walls made this a bit of a pain!

Sorry about the glare on the floor- this was the best I could do with no lighting inside the camper. A co-worker gave us a futon, which turned out to be perfect for a couch and an additional bed. We purchased a cabinet, sink, and counter top from Lowe's to use in the kitchen. We decided not to install a stove or oven in this camper. We have a table top stove, a grill, and a griddle- these do the job just fine. After all, we are camping!

This baby will get a fresh coat of paint and a  cover!

And now for the AFTER photos- TA-DA!!

Yep- we camp with a tv/dvd player! Roughing it!

All that's left is the plumbing and a couple of new light fixtures. We have a small lamp and a couple of battery-operated lanterns that we use for now for lighting at night. It's perfect for us. And it will be much nicer for the hubs come hunting season!


  1. I LOVE IT! I would love to have an airstream. What a treasure and there can't be a better way to camp!

    1. It still needs a bit more work, but it's getting there!